Hoda Law Firm

I think Noloco is the absolute best product I've seen - continues to blow me away every day. I am using Noloco to build an app that will allow me and two team members to do the work that most firms would require 10 people to do

Marshal Hoda, Attorney & Founder
FD Works

Noloco is incredible, it has brought a touch of magic to our data in Google Sheet and Airtable - we've been able to create beautiful apps in minutes. This is true no code, it's easy to use and puts you in control of your data. The support is world-class and their roadmap is moving at pace.

Jonathan Gaunt, MD & Founder
Real Estate

Clean UI, great customization, and the best support team I have ever experienced with any software. We needed an internal & client tool and evaluated other tools, we loved the flexibility and UI design of Noloco the best. Bright future for this team and product!

Clayton Garner, VP of Operations
NoCode Consulting

Best UI platform for Airtable! What I like about Noloco is that it comes with a beautiful UI/UX by default, Zapier integrations, Google Sign-in and Full page iFrames!

Connor Gustafason, CEO & NoCode Expert

We have been using them for about a year now, and the improvement since a year ago has been significant, so the product is excellent (very flexible, easy to set up, and full of very powerful features)

Xing Zhang, Founder & CEO
RE Cost Seg

With Noloco, we're able to onboard people very quickly and easily. The second they get that link, they're dropping all their documents, and filling in their information. Now I have everything and it's all tagged, rather than sending me an email with 20 attachments and having to sort through and organize them myself.

Melanie Baldridge, CEO & Founder

As CMO, I was able to build an amazing app on Noloco without needing to use our team of full-stack developers. This freed up our internal resources and resulted in massive cost savings. Noloco enabled us to adapt to market changes effectively and generate a new revenue stream that is wholly separate from our primary B2C strategy

Co-Founder & CMO

Its by far the best advanced builder on the market. You can make crazy interfaces that are super advanced.

I needed advanced features that wasn't available in other simple platforms.

Rob Weidner, Co-Founder & NoCode Expert

Noloco is the best tool for an intranet I've used. The speed at which you can roll stuff out is nuts. And you have the customization without the usual trade offs. Phenomenal platform, really.

Oliver Bryant, Co-founder &  CEO
Event Management

Having tested a few different services which would allow our organisation to allow users to easily interact with Airtable data, Noloco is by far the best. It's easy to use, highly flexible, very powerful, and looks great on both desktop and mobile. We've had nothing but positive feedback from all our users.

Luke Branford, Co-founder & Technical Consultant
Multimedia Production

Noloco saved me lots of time and money because I could build everything myself. As a non-technical Founder, I was amazed by how much I was able to create on my own and without the help of expensive resources such as developers or interaction designers. I reduced the time to create a service expenditure report from over 3 hours to just 5 minutes

Björn Audunn Blöndal , Co-Founder
Gill Education
Education Supplies

I'll be honest, I saw parts of the system during your demo and was thinking it culd be a great tool, but I didnt think i would be this t get around and integrate - very imporessive!

Stuart Bannon, ICT Manager
Cait Potter Consulting

I am floored at everything I ca do with it! I tried Softr and couldn't get my ideas done. I can with Noloco and th support has been great!

Cait Potter, System Strategist
NoCode Consulting

Noloco provides the power to deliver exceptional portals and internal tools. Noloco's flexibility is a game-changer. It allows me to tailor solutions to eac client's specific needs. Whether it's building internal tools, customer facing apps or complex workflows, Noloco provides the power and the customization options to deliver exceptional results.

Kieran Saunders
Singular Design
Low-code/No-code Agency

After trying out many low code/no code tools that failed to deliver we finally landed on everything we need in Noloco. Noloco has allowed us to create a process that protects both sides of the equation - the client and the developer. Once you have that protected, our business flows.

Juan Sebastian Rohrmann, Founder
NoCode Consulting

Noloco is a fantastic no-code app builder that makes it easy to create custom apps without writing any code. I've been using Noloco for a few months now, and I've been very impressed with its ease of use, flexibility, and power.

Andrew Dodds, Co-Founder & Expert