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Significantly reduce the time spent on tedious and repetitive tasks such as reporting, client onboarding

Noloco's user-friendly integration can reduce your time from days to minutes, enhancing productivity and reducing operational costs.

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Key features for creative agencies

Noloco's comprehensive set of building blocks and features enable you to create the perfect back office tools for your team. Choose from various layouts, connect your business data, and design your app with our easy-to-use point and click editor.

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Singular Design

Singular Design used Noloco to build a flexible internal project management tool for their team, despite having the internal engineering resources to custom code a solution on their own terms.

Their project management app empowers developers to define their user stories, acquire client approvals, track billable hours, review incoming pay and capture real-time feedback on the work they have completed for their metrics.

Their app also helps developers to keep track of their performance metrics, by measuring developer productivity rates combined with a personal CSAT score.

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airtable builder - Noloco - No code app builder

Creative Agencies Customer Success Stories

Content Production

Pressworks is an Oslo-based multimedia content productin agency. Founded by Bjorn Audunn Blödal in 2008, read on to learn how Noloco helped Pressworkds to become a cost efficient organisation.

Low code agency
Singluar Design

Singular Design is a world leading low-code/no-code agency. Founded by Juan Sebastian Rohrmann in 2011, read on to learn how Singular was able to achieve faster revenue growth with the help of Noloco.

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Browse our template directory to discover how a businesses like yours can successfully leverage Noloco features to streamline your business operations. From client portals to project management and content production, the possibilities are endless.

airtable builder - Noloco - No code app builder


Enable your whole team to access & edit data

No need to give direct access to your data.
Create user roles, set visibility rules and define database level permissions to control which types of users have different levels of access to your app.

Keep tight control over what data your users can see and edit.

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