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For small teams building apps and simple client portals for work

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5,000 rows

2,500 synced rows

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For businesses building connected solutions across their organization.

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100 monthly active users

150,000 rows

50,000 synced rows

10,000 Workflow runs

3 Builders

Unlimited User Roles

Priority Syncing

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A live app is one where your app users can log in. Only Builders can log into apps that are not yet live.


The total number of unique users that log in to your team's app each month.

Users in your user list are not counted until they sign in each month.

If a user access more than one of your apps, they are still counted as only one user.

This number resets each month.

Contact sales for more than 100 active users on the Business Plan.


Builders are members of your team that can create and edit your apps.


Commenters are users who can log in to your app, but can only comment on records

Rows per app

The maximum number of rows per app, across all of your tables and data sources.

Contact sales for more than 150,000 rows on the Business Plan

Synced rows per app

The maximum number of synced rows per app, across all of your tables and data sources.

Synced rows are rows from Airtable, Google Sheets, SmartSuite, SQL or API data sources.

Contact sales for more than 50,000 synced rows on the Business Plan


Frequency and method by which we sync database records from non-live external data sources:, Postgres, MySQL , Google Sheets, Xano, or API Data

Noloco Tables
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Live sync
Google Sheets
API Data
File Storage

Storage allowance for files including images, videos, documents & pdfs both added to Noloco directly and synced from external data sources.

Additional storage can be purchased for $15p/m per 10GB of additional storage


Get notified in-app about new comments, mentions or via custom workflows.


Comment on records to keep your team and clients in sync.


Add internal comments to your records that only your team can see.

Action Buttons

Action buttons run predefined actions in your app. Automatically perform specific tasks, enabling you to take key actions quicker

Bulk Actions

Move faster by selecting multiple records to your run actions against

Bulk Editing

Update multiple records with one change when inline editing and selecting multiple records

Premium Workflows

Premium workflow actions give you more options to automate your app including advanced OpenAI actions and controls over your models

Workflow Runs

The number of workflows that run each month. Every time you trigger a workflow within Noloco to trigger a webhook or send an automated email

Additional workflow runs can be purchased for $50p/m per additional 1000 runs

Workflow History

Keep track of when your workflows ran and which records they ran against

2 weeks
3 months
1 year
3 years
User Roles

Number of different roles that can be assigned to your app users. Roles allow you to control whith permissions get applied to each user.

Record Permissions

Control what users have access to what data at a the database level using record permission filters.

Field Permissions

Field-level permissions give you advanced controls over which individual fields users can read, update or create by user role.

Custom Logo

Customize your app with your team's logo.

Custom Theme

Customize your app with your brand's colors.

Custom Domain

Ability to connect your own domain for your app instead of using your default Noloco subdomain.

Noloco Branding

Apps on the Starter plan will have a small  'Powered by Noloco' label on the bottom corner of your apps.


Whitelabel automated emails from your Noloco app & workflows by sending them from your own email.

Available separately
Available separately

Access the Noloco community to learn how others are building apps for their team and clients.

Live Chat

Chat with the Noloco Support team directly inside your app.


Dedicated email support so you can loop in different members of your team.

Custom Onboarding

Meet individually with an in-house Noloco Expert, to quickly get started with your app.

Available separately
Available separately
Success Manager

Dedicated Account Manager to guide you through your Noloco onboarding and point of contact for any support questions you might have

Team Training

Get your whole team up and running on Noloco ASAP with customized team training.

List, Table, Card View

Visuzalize your rows of records in basic layouts like Lists, Tables and Cards.

Kanban View

Perfect for project management, display your records on a Kanban Board, grouped by any of your fields.

Calendar & Timeline

Keep track of key events by displaying your records on a Calendar, Timeline or Gantt Chart.

Map View

Overlay your records onto a map based on lattitude and longitude.

Split View

Create powerful dashboards, charts and reports from your data.


Create powerful dashboards, charts and reports from your data.

User Specific Data

Filter the data in your app based on the Logged in User. Personalize the pages using dynamic tokens and formula.

Advanced visibility Rules

Fully customize which pages, sections, fields should be displayed depending on the user or the page values.

Custom Code

Fully expand your app with custom code. Change the styles, add Javascript snippets such as analytics or in-app chat.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Configure your app to use a custom identity provider, to centrally manage who access to your app

Help Text

Add help text to your form fields to help your team and clients understand the form.

Default Values

Prefill the starting value of a form with a fixed value, or a value that depends on the page or user.

Hidden Values

Hidden values allow you to prefill a form field in the background with a fixed value or a value that depends on the page or user.

Validation Rules

Validate the values in your form before saving them to save your teams hours in costly mistakes.

On Save Action

Customize the page that your users are brought to when you submit a new record form.

Public Forms

Collect form submissions from anyone, even if they're not logged into your app.

Data Access
CSV Import

Import your data with CSV, or let your team and clients import anywhere in your app with customizable import flows.

CSV Export

Export filtered views of your data to a CSV, anywhere in your app.

API Access

Fetch, create, update and delete records in your app via your app's custom GraphQL API.

API Support

Dedicated help and support in implementing the Noloco API in your team's existing systems from Noloco's Success Team.

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Trusted by businesses across the world

"Great UI, easy to use, the best support team"

Clean UI, great customisation, and the best support team I have ever experienced with any software. Feature rollouts sometime 4-5 times a week, even 2 times a day at some points. We needed an internal & client tool and evaluated other tools, we loved the flexibility and UI design of Noloco the best, which rollouts feature near-daily. Bright future for this team and product! 

Fergman Enterprises - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Clayton G
VP of Operations
Real Estate

"Create amazing apps for your business"

Noloco is incredible, it has brought a touch of magic to our data in Google Sheet and Airtable - we've been able to create beautiful apps in minutes. This is true no code, it's easy to use and puts you in control of your data. The support is world-class and their roadmap is moving at pace.

FD works Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Jonathan G
MD and Founder of FD Works

"Best UI platform for Airtable"

What I like about Noloco is that it comes with a beautiful UI/UX by default, as well as third-party modules (Google Drive, Stripe, Quickbooks), Zapier connections, Google Sign-in, full-page iFrames, external APIs with OAuth 2.0 support, and finally the Key command (Cmd + E) 🐐

No-code experts - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Connor G
CEO of No-Code Consulting
No-Code Expert

"Great product for digitilizing any business"

Noloco is simple to use, loaded with features, and the team has incredible velocity in pushing out new features and functionality. We are building an internal portal for real estate data and Noloco saved lots of money and engineering time. Perfect for internal data tools, whether prototyping or in production.

Fiera Real Estate - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
David B
Associate Director at Fiera Real Estate
Real Estate

"Unique software that helped grow my business very fast"

I run a company that works with lead generation for our customers. I was seeking a service where I could build a portal and control the workflow. Our business has grown by over 500% thanks to services delivered by Noloco. New functions are constantly being developed and released, and the support is wonderful and usually responds within a few minutes.

PWA Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Andreas S
Founder of PHX
Web Agency