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Amit Sarda
Amit Sarda
English, Hindi
Pune, India
Not Accepting Clients
I am Amit Sarda, I love solving problems for SMBs and work best one-on-one with business owners and business founders. Analysing sales data to find insights to help the business grow comes naturally to me. I also love automating things and creating mobile apps for internal requirements.
Areas of expertise
eCommerce and B2B players across industries.
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What their clients say

Amit is incredibly knowledgeable about the work he does. While building my app I wasn’t really sure of how I wanted the functionality to work. Amit was able to assist me each step of the way and bring my ideas to life in a efficient and user friendly way. I am grateful for discovering him during my search for a developer to work with.

Jermaine Boswell

I worked with Amit to develop an MVP for a recruiting platform geared towards tech sales profiles. He quickly understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and went the extra mile to deliver a product that surpassed our expectations in a short timeframe. We had several back and forths regarding the product until we achieved something we were delighted with, and Amit was responsive and proactive the whole time. Would 100% recommend working with him!


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