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Joel Lee
Internyl Consulting
Joel Lee
Atlanta, GA
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I am an operations and no-code consultant helping streamline SMBs and startups with custom business apps, automations, dashboards, and other tools. I bring clarity out of chaos, and I excel when I can direct high-level concepts and strategies all the way through implementation. I work quickly, but am simultaneously dedicated to working with utmost excellence. Much of my work has revolved around internal tooling, workflow automation, project management, and client portals. The experience I’ve gained has enabled me to apply my skillset across a variety of industries. I have used my operations and no-code expertise to serve businesses in various industries including law/legal services, manufacturing, philanthropy, online education and tutoring, beverage distribution, SaaS marketing, and real estate marketing. My strong background in operations along with my blended skillset of strategic thinking and technical competence has allowed me to build a strong track record of analyzing complex business issues, and building the solutions that fix them. If you're looking for a strong conceptual thinker, effective implementer, and someone with a strong commitment to excellence and integrity, then I'd love to help you out!
Areas of expertise
Business apps (client portals, internal portals, project management tools, etc), databases, and automation.
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What their clients say

Joel earned our business by showing us that our business was his business. He took the time to learn about us, was not afraid to control our expectations, and was still able to provide solutions to address our problems. I was searching for the right partner for over 3 weeks and conducted dozens of interviews, but after my first meeting with Joel and observing his deliberate disposition, the types of questions he asked indicated a level of preparedness that indicated he would and could deliver.

Kush Patel, Founder & Attorney @ Kush Law

Joel excels in no-code operations. He possesses a rare blend of technical acumen, strategic foresight, efficiency, and creativity. His contributions have not only streamlined our processes but also fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement... His impact goes beyond just operational excellence; he is a leader who inspires and elevates those around him.

Jack Foley, Chief Operating Officer @ Harbinger Marketing

Joel helped us to make an application for our clients and team at Dippidi. We were able to finish the project in 8-weeks and he may have been one of the most organized companies we’ve ever worked with. He delivered on expectations and made a fabulous product all of our clients are going to love for many years to come. We are looking forward to continue enhancing the features and value that the application will bring!

Austin St. Jean, Co-Founder @ Dippidi
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