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Connor Gustafson
NoCode Consulting
Connor Gustafson
Chicago, United States
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Hey there, my name is Connor, and I'm the agency owner at NoCode Consulting ( We help companies build apps and automate work with no-code software. Build user-interfaces, SaaS apps, marketplaces, internal tools and workflow automation better and faster. Choose from personalized online learning, 1-1 hourly consulting and expert no-code development. We focus on 3 core components in designing and delivering no-code applications. - Data Storage: Build a single source of truth that connects your data, workflows and teams. - User-Interface: Create a user-friendly interface with roles and permissions for accessing data. - Automation: Automate your custom workflows and integrate AI into your apps. Key Achievements - Certified expert for leading no-code companies including Airtable, Zapier, Noloco, and more. - Led no-code product development for 100+ clients including Segment, Stanford University, and Index Ventures.
Solution expertise
Accounting, Finance, Lending
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What their clients say

Connor was amazing, super committed to getting the project done. He was up to date on all of the airtable, noloco and zapier updates. We will continue to use for ongoing support.

Neil Ayton - Kanso Homes

I'm a founder based in New York and I worked with Connor using Noloco+Airtable on a pretty complex web app project and he was awesome! Connor is extremely fluent in various no-code tools and is an excellent problem-solver and works fast. Highly recommend you use Connor!

Lawson Kuehnert - Intern Scale

We have hired Connor and NoCode Consulting multiple times. He is very knowledgeable and up-to-date with automation, Airtable, and many other software. He knows how things work. He's always a pleasure to work with.

Stuart Lipscomb III - Lipscomb Restoration Solutions
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