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Brandi Bullock
Really Efficient
Brandi Bullock
North Carolina, US
Not Accepting Clients
I'm Brandi, Owner and Business Ops & Solutions Consultant at Really Efficient. I'm dedicated to creating streamlined processes and workflows, harnessing tools like Noloco, Airtable and (formerly Integromat) to elevate operational performance. With 20 years of cross-disciplinary experience, I tackle challenges with creativity and a drive for excellence. My clients are as diverse as my own background from real estate professionals, financial service providers and lawyers, to churches and other non-profits. No matter the size, or the industry, every organization deserves to have REALLY EFFICIENT processes, it's my joy to help them make it happen!
Solution expertise
Internal Tools, Client Portals, Workflows, Project Management Tools, Internal Portals, Business Proces Automation, Data Management, Business Apps
Finance, Nonprofit, Lending, Real Estate, Education, Fintech
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