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Gabriel Neuman
Gabriel Neuman
Gabriel Neuman
Spanish, English
Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala
Not Accepting Clients
Are you interested in a smarter way to work that saves you time and effort? At GNB Labs, our focus is entirely on you, the client.Our aim is to guide your business towards streamlined and efficient work processes, all made possible through the use of low-code/no-code tools with our simple tool stack Airtable, Noloco, and Make. With our expertise, you can seamlessly transition to an elegant, user-friendly, and cost-effective system. This means you and your team can redirect your energy towards driving your business forward, rather than getting bogged down in complex systems. Discover the advantages of swiftly and effortlessly creating internal portals with our super Simple tool stack, empowering your business to thrive.
Solution expertise
Internal Tools, Client Portals, Partner Portals, Lead Gen Apps
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What their clients say

Gabriel solved it in 10 minutes for me. His clear step by step assistance is so much appreciative.

Alakshendra Royzada

I am fortunate to call him a friend after years of keeping track of him. He is an honest, intelligent, hardworking and knowledgeable person on the average. He is a crack that I do not hesitate to consult him when I have complex problems.

Gabriel Mata Guzmán

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