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Cole Fortman
Fortman Digital
Cole Fortman
Chicago, United States
I am Cole Fortman Founder & Consultant at Fortman Digital, we specialise in building portals and help agencies, consultants, and b2b businesses launch updated business automation systems without writing a line of code. Fortman Digital develops easy-to-use no-code applications that can help you automate tasks in your core business and consolidate much software into one.
Areas of expertise
Specialise in building client portals, Directories, Membership Sites, Online Course
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What their clients say

If anyone is interested in building something using Airtable or Noloco you should reach out to Cole Fortman for your no-code dev help.

Ken Savage

Fortman digital did a great job with our recent nocode project. Fluid communication and fast turnaround was required for us to get a client portal shipped within a matter of weeks. We were happy with the project output and would recommend Fortman as a specialist in building portals on Noloco.

Neil Gernon - Yard
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